The European Commission is currently co-funding a set of 6 projects to develop the 5G corridor infrastructure across Europe. The aim is to pave the way for Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM).

The 5G Fréjus project is part of the EU feasibility studies, essential to prepare the groundwork for future large-scale 5G infrastructure deployment projects.

The 5G Project

More specifically, 5G Fréjus aim at preparing the deployment of 5G. Moreover, it will assess the effort needed in terms of administrative, legal, and technical constraints.

To fully deploy the transport corridor between Italy and France across the Fréjus rail and highway tunnels, a passive and active infrastructure will be implemented. They will serve the development of digital services.

The specific objective of the study is the sizing along the cross-border section of an adequate fiber network, evaluating synergies in sharing a common passive infrastructure in order to minimize the impact on the operation of the transport corridors.

BIP xTech and Tech&Telco’s contribution

BIP xTech and BIP’s business unit Tech&Telco helped Cellnex, Europe’s leading wireless telecommunications infrastructure operator, to coordinate the Fréjus 5G project worktable. Our team ensured high-quality deliverables in a timely manner.

With our team’s extensive experience in telecom and advanced technology skills, we’re proud to support complex and innovative projects like 5G Fréjus.

BIP xTech and Tech&Telco, thanks to their involvement in this project, are contributing to the reduction of the digital divide and strengthening social, economic and territorial cohesion in the EU.

5G Frejus: connections beyond borders


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