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BIP Group is proud to participate at RevX, the premier event series for data science and IT leaders, taking place in London on June 13th. Dedicated to how AI is transforming enterprises, RevX brings together leaders for a day filled with Thought Leadership, Innovation, Best Practice sharing, and Peer networking.

Our colleagues, Tabitha Sleap, Management Consultant in Life Sciences, and Gabriele Oliva, Head of Data Analytics at BIP UK, will be featured on a panel to share their insights on harnessing the power of AI in regulated industries. 

BIP, in collaboration with Domino Data Lab, has joined forces to develop a robust solution aimed at tackling challenges surrounding information availability within clinical settings. This innovative solution, known as BioRAG, is versatile and applicable across various Life Sciences scenarios.  

RevX Event

The Solution

By harnessing the power of Generative AI and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) techniques, BioRAG improves the retrieval of information from specialized Life Science knowledge bases.  

At RevX in London, we will showcase how BioRAG can address various critical use cases, including supporting clinical trial sites. During complex trials, these sites often face queries that pose challenges for sponsors. BioRAG simplifies this process by offering a comprehensive knowledge base and an efficient retrieval system. With BioRAG, accessing sponsor-provided data—such as trial protocols and consent forms—becomes effortless, ultimately improving risk-based site monitoring efficiency. 

For deeper insights and to explore how BioRAG can streamline Life Science processes, we invite you to access our team’s presentation via the link below. Feel free to reach out for a chat or request a demo! 

Download BioRAG documentation


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