In recent years, the Asset Management market has tripled globally on average and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, also thanks to the profound maturation of some revolutionary technologies.

However, there are several challenges that companies operating in the sector are facing: increasingly stringent regulation, transition to ESG investing, increasingly low margins, unstable geopolitical situation, just to name a few.

Many companies are already reshaping these challenges as opportunities by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Digitization, Hyper-Automation, Cloud, Big Data, but not only. For example, Artificial Intelligence alone is proving to be able to help companies in the sector reduce internal costs by more than 10% per year.

BIP xTech, in collaboration with strategic Fintech partners such as Ematrend, brings distinctive experiences and skills to the global market to support its Asset Management clients in the Digital Transformation – from strategy to implementation – in order to extract the maximum benefit from these new mature technologies.

In this White Paper, which can be downloaded for free via the download button below, BIP xTech and Ematrend analyze in detail and pragmatically the main Asset Management applications based on Artificial Intelligence and related benefits.

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