Recently, Andrea Casati, director of BIP xTech, and Simone Caenazzo, partner of Riskcare, have been interviewed by Boris Secciani of Fondi & Sicav, a magazine focusing on the international business world. The interview has been published as part of issue 160 of December 2023 – January 2024. 

The Revolution in the markets of Genetic Algorithms’ is the title of the BIP Consulting dedicated section where the respondents dive into the application of a specific artificial intelligence tool, genetic algorithms, that is revolutionising the investment process. 

Genetic algorithms get their name from the fact that they are structured in such a way as to mimic the evolution of life on earth’ – it’s the definition proposed by Andrea Casati. 

If you want to know more about genetic algorithms and its applications, you can read the interview at the following link: 

Fondi & Sicav.pdf  


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