Quantum Technologies represent a cutting-edge field with the potential to revolutionize various industries. While still in its infancy, quantum technologies hold promise for applications in a wide range of sectors, including computing, communications, cryptography, sensing, and materials science.

Q2B, taking place on the 7th-8th of March in Paris, is the in-person premiere conference on quantum technologies to map the trajectory of quantum value. International stakeholders, including academics, industries, vendors and users, will join the event filled with networking moments, plenary talks, case studies and much more.

During the event, our Antonio Corghi, BIP xTech CoE Leader, Matteo Chiesa and Giulio Amato from BIP xTech Quantum Computing Team will present the implementation of QuEra to solve the widespread clustering problem and the related results.

BIP confirms once again its commitment in the field of Quantum Technologies and pledges to be an active protagonist in the journey towards the future of innovation.

Discover more about the event, the agenda, and the speaker at the following link:

Q2B Website

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