AI for Competitive Intelligence

Creating a cloud-native regulatory and competitive intelligence platform to transform Regulatory Affairs using AI

Published On: December 8, 2021none
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Market, industry and regulatory intelligence are crucial to remain competitive, but traditional approaches to Competitive Intelligence are generally slow, not scalable and expensive.

The client was paying millions for market and regulatory intelligence to a variety of suppliers. These suppliers offered not only limited customisation but also partial coverage and delivery formats, leading to a poor tracking and untimely trend analysis of the market.


Bip designed and built a tool to autonomously scrape the internet for market and regulatory intelligence.

The tool extracts unstructured text data from websites, PDF documents, and Twitter’s tweets.

The text data is processed and analysed using state-of-the-art attention-based language models and saved in a database in a structured format. The tool then sends users customised newsletters and feeds a visualization dashboard to report market trends.

Everything is built in a modular architecture to result in a portable and easily customizable asset for every type of company.


Our tool allows to:

  • Automate manual Competitive Intelligence activities
  • Fetch richer data using heterogeneous data sources (98% of companies typically only search data on their competitor’s website)
  • Cut down costs: data suppliers typically bill thousands of dollars per year for these kind of insights

Cut down >10.000 hours of manual activities that were automated

Cut down >$200k per year of data supply costs

Coverage of most of the data sources available from the internet, including websites and social media platforms.

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