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Strategic guidelines for mobile communication evolution towards 5G

Published On: December 21, 2021none
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The elaboration of a strategy to evolve the mobile communication infrastructure of a global corporation to adopt an innovative technology like the 5G is a complex challenge, since it involves many countries with fragmented regulatory landscape and different levels of 5G mobile networks market maturity.


Bip supported Customer in the definition of the strategic guidelines to embrace the transformation promised by the introduction of 5G technology. The defined approach produced:

  • an analysis of the technological development, global regulatory landscape, and market status of 5G mobile networks deployment.
  • an assessment of the enterprise mobile communication infrastructures, use cases and initiatives.
  • the elaboration of the strategic guidelines for the evolution of global enterprise mobile communication infrastructures and use cases in terms of requirements, benefits and implementation guidelines.

The outcome represents an essential tool for the Customer to undertake the mobile communication infrastructures evolution path to 5G, with full awareness of regulatory constraints and technological opportunities, paving the way to the adoption of innovative use cases and enabling new business opportunities.


Full awareness of market status and technological opportunities

Rational and structured vision of current assets and ongoing initiatives

Identification of the company position in the value chain of 5G market, with reference to regulatory constraints

Identification of clear evolution guidelines to enable improved internal operativity and new business opportunities

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