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Integration of New Data Products within a Cloud-Based Data Platform

Published On: June 19, 2023none

As part of a BU-wide enterprise data strategy, Generali Investments IT-team is evolving its data infrastructures with modern data stacks to make a full-fledged transformation toward a data-driven culture. With this aim, the Enterprise Architecture, Cloud & DevOps team is working on the enhancement of the next enterprise data platform architecture: a platform that embraces ubiquitous data with a distributed Data Mesh in the convergence of Distributed Domain Driven Architecture, Self-serve Platform Design, and Product Thinking with Data.

Generali Investments faced a significant challenge: implementing two additional domains into their existing data mesh architecture on AWS cloud. These domains required a solution that not only met the immediate requirements but also allowed for future improvements and extensions, such as implementing labor cost computation engine and advanced analytics through statistical models.


After careful consideration, Generali Investments decided to partner with BIP xTech team, drawn to its expertise in Data Engineering and its proven expertise in the field. Recognizing the importance of selecting the right partner capable of quickly grasping the intricacies of their business requirements and effectively translating them into a robust and scalable solution was key. Generali Investments entrusted BIP with this crucial project.

BIP xTech incorporated best practices in data engineering, ensuring data integrity, security, and performance. It designed an efficient data processing pipeline that could handle large volumes of structured, unstructured and documental data, providing accurate and timely insights for decision-making. Throughout careful modularization, xTech provided a high code quality and ensured scalability for future enhancements applying principles derived from the SOLID paradigm, focusing specifically on the Single Responsibility (S), Interface Segregation (I), and Dependency Inversion (D) ones.


Thanks to an efficient and agile approach, Generali Investments witnessed tangible results within a short span of time. The successful implementation of the project showcased the commitment to delivering high-quality solutions while meeting project deadlines. Two new Data Product were included on the data mesh architecture, gaining the ability to extract meaningful insights from daily in-coming data, enabling to drive operational efficiencies, improve decision-making, and ultimately achieve business goals.


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